Asbury Park’s Amended Rent Control Ordinance

Key Amendments:

  • Forces Property Owners to Disclose Personal Information of Tenants
  • Now Includes Properties with 3 or more Units, Instead of the Original 5 or more Units
  • Changes Rent Increases to a Flat 3.5%, no Longer Pegged to CPI
  • Imposes $2,000 Fines Per Unit, Per Day on Property Owners if they Fail to Comply with Registration

Get Involved:

Continue the Dialogue with the Council and the Community

Rent Leveling Board

Ronica Dinkins

Rent Regulation Officer / Housing Coordinator


Robert Goodman

Director of Community Development


The City Council’s Rent Ordinance is now in place, but remember, it can be amended at any time. Contact us now to get involved.

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