Asbury Park’s Rent Control Ordinance:

Effective June 1st 2021

Key Points:

  • Caps rent increases at 3.5% or CPI, whichever is greater:
    • CPI has been below 3.5% for several decades, and is forecasted to remain at 2% or less for the foreseeable future
  • Real rent protections will actually be in place to help those residents who need it
  • Vacancy Decontrol alleviates the impact to your taxes and is central to the City’s ordinance
    • It is the only fair way to balance renter and homeowner interests
  • Fair representation on the Rent Leveling Board
  • Enforces compliance with Standards of Service as required by law
  • Ordinance is flexible and can be amended at any time depending on the City’s needs

Get Involved:

Continue the Dialogue with the Council and the Community

Rent Leveling Board

Ronica Dinkins

Rent Regulation Officer / Housing Coordinator


Robert Goodman

Director of Community Development


The City Council’s Rent Ordinance is now in place, but remember, it can be amended at any time. Contact us now to get involved.


Effective Rent Control has come to Asbury Park. It is time to build a better community for everyone.

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